Caldera – Spanish for cauldron – reflects and inspired the creation of a globally influenced menu. Whilst the menu includes a number of familiar and classic dishes, such as nachos, tacos and burritos, it is also an opportunity to introduce to everyone less well-known local and regional food and traditions. Caldera’s menu is about sharing Mexican gastronomy beyond this trio and incorporating ingredients from around the world to create dishes that will excite and educate. From well-known favourites, to unusual ingredients and meat-centred dishes to vegan creations, there’s something for everyone to tuck into.

One of the new additions to the menu is the ‘lamb cutlets with rice’. What makes Caldera’s lamb cutlets different? The ground mole rojo marinade. With 19 ingredients and a process that takes 12 hours, the mole rojo is truly a labour of love. The ingredients are ground to a paste on a volcanic metate, with essential minerals from the metate incorporated into the mole. The ground mole is then mixed with miso, to give the lamb cutlets a beautifully rich, slightly sweet and umami-packed flavour.

Another dish to look out for on the menu is a truly Mexican-Japanese fusion. The key ingredient in this playful dish is the grilled octopus, which has been marinated in black chichilo-goma ashes. The first of the Japanese elements is the black goma paste (black sesame), which has been used for its intense black colour, as well as flavour. The octopus is then given extra flavour and colour with a delicate piping of hibiscus kosho and truffle aioli in the suckers and the use of ikura. Aside from the contrast of the unique texture of the pop, the ikura also delivers a fresh, salty flavour, elevating the more delicate flavour of the octopus. Finally, the dish is completed with the third Japanese element of kaiso seaweed salad.

Enjoy these dishes and many more on Caldera’s all-day menu!