The Wednesday Music Caldera Club

On 26th May 2021, we launched our first ever “The Wednesday Caldera Club” featuring our resident DJs – Roberta Reachout and Grandma Selecta.  

The Wednesday Caldera Club is designed to promote local talent and to give the DJs to give a space to play and perform for our guests post-lockdown.

Every two weeks we are working with our resident DJs, Roberta Reachout & Grandma Selecta, and a special appearance from different local DJs to play a selection of music on vinyl from electronic to latin.


30th June: Noga Ritter

7th July: Tina Edwards

21st July: IJ

4th August: DAN Tenor City 



If you’re interested in playing, please drop an email to Arya at 

Mezcal Tasting Event

We were thrilled to launch the opening of the inside of our restaurant with an incredible Mezcal Tasting Event with The Sin Gusano Project.

Our first in-person event of the year saw guests sample between four and six different and rare varieties of mezcal which are not available anywhere else in the UK. 

Mezcal is a smokey spirit which is cooked inside earthen pits lined with lava rocks, filled with wood and charcoal, before being distilled in clay pots. 

The Sin Gusano Project is the UK’s only agave spirits subscription club and works with small and local producers in Mexico to promote the wider understanding of Mezcal in the UK. 

After the success of our first event, we are launching a series of events on: 

Monday 12th July 
Monday 9th August 

bar open from 5pm and event starts at 6pm

You can book your tickets here.








Making our blackened octopus dish


One of our most favourite creations on our menu is the blackened octopus in chichilo ashes. The most striking thing about the dish for most people is its appearance; the contrast of the black tentacle against a speckled white plate with the pastel pink and green salsas. This dish was inspired by a taqueria in Mexico City where the meat of the rotisserie is marinated in a black sauce. We wanted to create a dish that pushed the boundaries of a mole and presented the customer with something both aesthetically beautiful and a unique taste.

To make this dish, we were very careful to stick to the principals of a mole; incorporating chillies, nut spices and fruits, but we take it one step further when cooking the ingredients and reduce them all to ashes. 

By mixing the ashes with a black sesame seed paste it allows the mole to evenly marinate the tentacles and give a deeper, richer and more intense flavour of the mole.


After marinating for 24 hours, the octopus is cooked and served with an avocado puree salsa and hibiscus & truffle aioli, which are designed to balance the intensity of the mole.  When combined together, every mouthful gives an umami flavour. 

We hope you enjoy this dish as much as we enjoy making it!

Brunch is here…

Head chef, Felix, has been busy prepping his Mexican-inspired Brunch menu and we’re excited to see it finally on the menu on Saturday and Sundays from 12-4pm,

You’ll be able to tuck into our very own huevos benedict topped chorizo, bacon and chipotle-hollandaise sauce as well as your usual favourites like burritos and tacos from 12-4pm on Saturday and Sundays.

We will of course have bottomless margaritas, prosecco and juice on offer for the perfect brunch pairing. 


What we got up to during lockdown?

There’s no hiding that lockdown hit us – and every other food and drinks business out there – really hard when we were least expecting it. I am not somebody who can’t stay still; I need to always be doing something, so most of the time you’ll see me moving about keeping busy. There were two weeks between the start of lockdown and re-opening for takeaways on 1st April where I had so much free time, I ended up doing nearly every trend that was going. I’m ashamed to say that I even participated in a few Tik-Tok videos.

After about 10 days, I got in touch with the Caldera team and asked if they would be comfortable to re-open for takeaways, and thankfully they were more than happy; they too had had their fill of tik toks and dagona coffee.

The first few weeks of Ubereats and Deliveroo were slow and sluggish, but a massive thank you goes out to everyone who ordered from us in that time! You know who you are. The support we got in that time, gave us the boost to serve, keep smiling and continue with our purpose as a local community-based restaurant and serve our neighbours during times which I am sure have been difficult and draining for everyone. Nothing perks up a mood more than great food.

We started by offering care packages to our lovely residents of the Monohaus building where we are based with a sample of our salsas, tortilla chips and some lovely British tea and biscuits.

Ever since we opened our doors last year, we have focussed on creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere inside, without giving much thought to our online look,  so we used the opportunity to take some nice foodie shots for our delivery pages, which meant making lots of pictures for photoshoots – and since we hate waste – there was only one solution…. Having a feast for ourselves (and the flatmates and families we live with).

Our biggest challenge was ensuring that the food delivered to you was as tasty and wonderful as we serve in-house.  We have always been big advocates for using sustainable packaging and use companies such as Biopak for our takeaway packaging to help deliver dishes like our tacos, padron peppers and poke bowl safely to our customers in a sustainable way.  Biopak contributes profits toward positive changes to the environment helping to protect rainforests, support renewable energy projects and towards social change. 

Now we face a new challenge – coping with social distancing measures and trying to offer something close to normality for our customers.  For now, we are still operating on a limited menu and hours, but we are slowly increasing both. We know that dining out can be a bit of a luxury for many people now as redundancies are made and hours are being cut.  That’s why we are running days like Taco Thursday (whilst we are closed on Tuesdays) – two taco pieces for £5, and soon we will be bringing you both bottomless margaritas and our Mexican-inspired brunch on the weekends, making up for lost 2020 time so grab some friends and book in. We always guarantee you smiley faces, great food and delicious drinks here at Caldera.

Thanks once again, see you soon.

Caldera Founder.

 Tortilla Workshops

Starting on Monday 24th February, we are hosting tortilla workshops in collaboration with Karla Zazueta, the founder of Mexican Food Memories

We will show you how to make the perfect corn tortillas from scratch and explain the different types of corn we have in Mexico and the process of nixtamalisation (the process that corn goes through to make tortillas). 

We will make yellow corn tortillas, blue corn tortillas and dual corn tortillas.  After we finish making the tortillas, you will make our own tacos with your tortillas and some Mexican sample dishes that we will cook for you!

Class for adults £40
Monday 24th February, 2020 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 5 places available
Monday 2nd March, 2020 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 5 places available
Monday 9th March, 2020 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 5 places available

Parent & Child £45
Saturday 29th February, 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm 5 places available
Saturday 7th March, 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm 5 places available

Email us at to book your place!